Table Tracker For Fast Casual Restaurants


Table Tracker helps your runners  to locate where your customers are sitting, optional reporting & manager paging.

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Opticians Handover Paging Systems


Great for Opticians for handover pagers for staff, but also great for almost ANY push for service paging requirement in most industries.

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Patient Pager Systems from LRS UK


For Hospitals or anywhere bacteria can be spread from pager systems. Much better than using sprays which loose effectiveness over time. Waterproof.

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Highest Quality Paging Systems Worldwide

longrangeThe Long Range Systems UK offices are ready to serve you DIRECT - cut out the middle man - buy direct and get the best Warranty, Price AND Support in the business. Don't forget to visit our other main sites and

Pager equipment for the restaurant and hospitality industry, our paging systems are also used by many other industries - see below. If you're looking for pagers, coasters, staff pager, pizza pagers, guest paging, pager systems, restaurant pager, hotel pagers or most types of on site beepers then Long Range Systems LRS makes them. Pager Technology you CAN trust with a 10 year* new for old warranty only from Long Range Systems LRS UK Offices.

Our latest Health & Safety and Lone Worker Solutions and Wireless radios are used by the UK's top companies who trust LRS for all of their communications requirements. Ask for references.